How to top up the at the best Pkv Games Online site


How to top up the at the best Pkv Games Online site

The initial deposit is the chip capital that will be received by gamblers who have just joined the Best Online Pkv Games Online Site. Each city clearly has different initial deposit rules. Lack of budget? Take it easy. There are some agents that allow deposits starting from IDR 15 thousand only.

The way is quite simple, first open the Alternative Link Pkv Games Online Site that you previously listed. Next, open the fund deposit section and check the account number to transfer your funds to. After sending funds, proceed with filling out the deposit form. Here’s how to fill out a deposit form :

  • Amount of funds that have been transferred (Min 15,000 is the minimum amount of transfer or deposit that can be processed and filled).
  • The name of the bank that you use must be in the name in your account book. If the wrong filling can be replaced at the place you registered.
  • Here is the account name that you use as a marker and notifier for instructions to the party’s process.
  • The account number that you use to transfer to the bank account is listed.
  • Banks to go to the city, which you can choose from those available such as, BCA, BRI, BNI, MANDIRI, and DANAMON.
  • The account name of the recipient of the deposit.
  • Deposit recipient’s account number.
  • This column can be filled in freely and can also be filled out.
  • After charging, please check first, if it is correct, then click OK.


How To Fill Withdraw The Best Pkv Games Online Site

The process of withdrawing or withdrawing funds is not much different from the deposit process that has been described above. This process is fairly easy because we want to make it easier for players to top up withdrawals. Here’s how to fill in the withdrawal form :

  • The minimum withdrawal or withdrawal of funds is Rp. 25,000, more than the minimum standard there is no benchmark.
  • Automatically filled in with bank data that you previously registered.
  • The account name is what you registered at the initial registration.
  • Like the name of the account, the account number is also in accordance with what has been registered and as the destination of the city transfer to the player.
  • The password must be filled in correctly and the same as the login password to the game.
  • If the charging is correct, please click OK. If it has been confirmed, the funds have been processed and the funds can be directly checked into your own account.
  • Note: Account names & numbers that are already listed and cannot be contested. Where, the data is already stored in the game system.

A few brief discussions on How to Deposit and Withdraw The Most Trusted Pkv Games Online Site in Indonesia. As PKV Games Admin we will provide the best of the best services. Greetings hockey and good luck, thank you.


Causes of Your Old Deposit Processed and How to Overcome the Best Pkv Games Online Sites

There are times when your deposit will definitely take a long time to process. But calm down, it does not mean fraud. Here are some reasons why your deposit funds are long processed. You have filled in the wrong deposit fund form. Please check the form that you filled in again. If you don’t understand, please come to livechat to ask.

Maybe you deposit into the wrong account. Try checking the active account again for a deposit. Don’t make deposits on offline hours or also bank outages. Because you will be told to wait until the bank is normal. First check the account that you want to transfer is online or hassle.

It’s better every time you make a deposit, use a unique nominal. For example, you want to deposit Rp. 50,000 The transfer is slightly higher than the last 3 digits of the nominal you are transferring. For example Rp. 50,542 or 50,228. I guarantee the deposit process will be faster.

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